Sustainable Home Options in The Shop!

Sustainable Home Options in The Shop!

Sustainable Home Options in The Shop!

We have so many sustainable home options in the shop right now- come check them out! Some of our favorites are:

- Stasher bags- These bags are made from high quality silicone, and seal way better than you'd expect. You can put them right in the dishwasher after they've been used. You can also sous vide in them, microwave popcorn, and freeze them! The uses are really endless with them. I use one just for my toiletries when I travel. I had a leaky shampoo bottle that was haunting my dreams and ziplocks never seemed to cut it, and every time I traveled I would end up with shampoo all over my suitcase. This Stasher bag has never failed me in the past year that I've used it. I now have a collection and bring my lunch sandwich in mine every day, completely eliminating my aluminum foil habit. If you feel bad every time you use a Ziploc, try these Stasher bags to ease your guilt- you'll love them.

-Swedish Dish Cloths- These are meant to replace paper towel and sponges. They're made of cellulose and cotton, and can replace up to 700 paper towels. They're machine washable and super sturdy, and when it's done they're fully compostable. We have lots of cute designs in the store, and they're all made in Bozeman, Montana!

-Reusable bowl covers- These bowl covers are elastic and we have fabric, and also ones that are covered in beeswax. These wash easily either in the washing machine for the fabric, or with a hand washing for the beeswax style. These replace Saran wrap for covering leftovers and are a great gift for the environmentally minded hostess! Handmade in Canada. 



Try out some of our new sustainable home items at Eureka or at today!



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