Freeze Dried Lamb Treats


Your pal wants one thing in his snack—simple, delicious protein. Etta Says! Eat Simple Freeze-Dried Lamb Dog Treats provide your pooch with 100 percent lamb meat as the only ingredient. This meat treat is freeze-dried—never cooked—for maximum flavor, and contains protein sourced from American farms. Made without the use of added hormones, antibiotics, fillers or grains, it’s an all-natural, super-tasty treat your pup will adore!

Key Benefits
  • These freeze-dried meat treats are a protein-packed snack for your pooch.
  • Features 100% all-natural lamb meat as the only ingredient.
  • Made in the USA with proteins sourced from American farms.
  • Freeze-dried—never cooked—to preserve flavor and freshness.
  • Contains no hormones, antibiotics, fillers or grains.