Sea Dragon Face Polish

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Gentle Exfoliator + Cleanser Featuring Pumice + Dragon Fruit + Blue Spirulina

Your skin is working double-time during the summer to stay healthy and heal irritation and sun damage. Lend it a helping hand by exfoliating... gently! You don't want to over do it on exfoliating during the summer with an aggressive scrub, this face polish is crafted to be ever-so peaceful for your face.

Pumice, ground oats, bentonite clay, and ground jasmine flowers gently cleanse, detox, and exfoliate the skin as the plum, hemp, kiwi, and cucumber oils nourish with it's omega fatty acids and protect with a powerhouse of antioxidants. What do you mean by Sea Dragon? When it's not summer, our hearts ache for those sunny, hot, never-ending days, at least in the Northwest. But, our skin does not. Those high temps, blistering rays of sun and fluctuating humidity can put your sebum glands into overdrive causing a host of skin issues or premature aging.